Steve Moore Master Carver, Wooden Feathers

I became a master carver of wooden feathers because of my love of nature, which started as a young hunter in Iowa. My family used to chase pheasants, rabbits and fox squirrels at every opportunity. My love for the outdoors has grown over the last 25 years as a Game Warden and chasing English Setter bird dogs. I have been carving since 1997. I started carving ½ size ducks and a master carver told me to remember that “those birds are carved 1 feather at a time.” So, I decided to try to carve one wooden feather. Turkey feathers were my first carvings.

Old oak barn board seemed like a natural fit to display them. Then I added oak and maple leaves, mushrooms, arrowheads and shotgun shells. Mother Nature is full of feathers so I started doing speculum feathers from the puddle ducks and different game birds soon followed. Now I carve the wooden feathers of all the game birds, ducks all the species of turkeys, song birds, hawks, owls, and my favorite the immature Golden Eagle. Since many of these feathers are illegal to possess a wooden carving is a great way to enjoy their beauty. I also began carving elk and whitetail deer antlers to use as gun racks.

Steve Moore Master Carver